Why I invest in HeroCOIN ICO

Have you heard about eSports?

Gaming got profitable for players, a lot!

The last year's League of Legends championship's reward was about 5 million US dollars! And your parents told you to stop gaming because you'll become a loser, haha.

There are other games you might heard of, like CS:GO and DOTA 2, both of them generating a lot of interest at championships. And this is just the beginning. There are many other great games waiting to become viral. I'll share with you a personal favorite, PARAGON: great game, great community, great gameplay.

HeroCOIN will be used on HeroSphere as main it's main currency. Right now HeroSphere has over 200.000 registered users, and a part of every bet they made will be distributed among the HeroCOIN holders. Don't forget: this is a continuous growing industry.

If you're looking for a medium-long term investment, this is a great opportunity. Even if the HeroCoin value will remain fixed, even I believe the price will rise, your …

What to double-check before any transaction

I know about Bitcoin and was part of the community since 2010. Along the way, I received an outrageous number of forged emails, private messages, even on my personal email address, which is not linked in any way to Bitcoin.

It looks like the guys from HeroCOIN are also aware about this general issue, and here's a message from them:

Always keep in mind the followings:

Scammers can use HTTPS too, never send money to a website before checking it on GoogleNever share your private keys with anyoneAlways use common sense. When in doubt: research. Google is a very powerful tool, use it!Don't download fishy software, don't follow links from spam emails You should always double-check the followings before any new transaction: Double-check for potential security issues (SSL certificate, domain name, etc)Double-check the destination addressDouble-check the amountDouble-check the fee
Found a scam website? Send your finding to Google Safe Browsing and help them keep the web safe!
Report …

HeroCoin ICO - Video Presentation

Get your Hero Coins from here!

HeroCOIN ICO - Crowdsale

Why did I invested 20% of my ETH into HERO ICO?
This ICO has a lot of potential. Besides eSports gaming, think about the gambling rules.
Hero takes away the "House always wins" concept, and manages to replace it with "The network always wins". 
How it works?

How to create Ethereum (ETH) wallet on MyEtherWallet

How to create Ethereum (ETH) wallet on MyEtherWalletVisit Enter a safe password and write it down immediatelyClick "Create New Wallet"
Download your Keystore File. Do not lose this, DO NOT GIVE THIS TO ANYONE!Click"I understand. Continue" 
Save your Private Key.  Do not lose this, DO NOT GIVE THIS TO ANYONE! NEVER! There is no need for anyone but you to know it. Not in an Airdrop, not for an ICO, not even for a support employee. No human being but you should ever know this.Print your paper wallet. This is an additional security measure so you don't lose your wallet access.Click "Save Your Address"You have created your wallet. Congratulations, you are now an official crypto currency wallet owner!
What's next?

Check your balance
Go to "Private Key" or "Keystore File", whatever you preferEnter the required data  Here you can see your balance (on the right) and your…